Friday, January 30, 2009

day 55.

that's my bed.

the big X over it illustrates my inability to sleep this morning due to the massive construction they started in the store-type-thing at the bottom of my building. they must have had some mutant jackhammer in there - the way my wall was vibrating i was certain the building was going to implode.

happy 3rd birthday, love&cyanide.

today is a big day here at love & cyanide as it is officially our 3rd birthday. as per usual there will be cake and carebears (see below) and a new form of celebration, a blog launch!

but, first things first.. gratuitous picture of us being uber-cute and celebrating a 3rd birthday of yesteryear:

and now for the important but equally as adorable part.. in honor of our third year here on the internet we are hosting the official launch of bear's pet project.

we introduce you, dear and loyal readers, to bearsociety.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


we're adding in a new little feature - not the side project i mentioned earlier in the week, that's another addition, whoa-ho! look at us - a daily visual documenting my unemployment activities. people constantly ask me what i do all day/week, and i constantly feel lame rattling off my to-do/have-done list, and so now i can direct them here to see a little snippet of my day. i have no idea why this project didn't occur to me until earlier today, and i so wish i had been doing this from day 1 - although i suppose i had other things on my mind on day 1 other than photojournalism - but there's no time like the present, so we're starting on day 54*. like the studio! although slightly less glittery and fabulous.

have no fear, we'll still continue with our normal postings, just pepper a daily snapshot in as well. and away we go.

*we only count weekdays. isn't everyone technically out of work on the weekends?

day 54.

i spent much of the latter part of this afternoon in central park - considering it was icy/slushy/32 degrees today you may wonder why i chose that activity, but i wasn't the only crazy one. the park was packed. i roamed the entire west side of it, from the south tip to the north tip - that was a first.

by the numbers:

- i walked 50 blocks
- saw 22 dogs (until i tired of counting them)
- listened to the beatles' "dear prudence" 9 times
- almost slipped on ice 3 times
- and saw 0 hotdog vendors (shocking)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

porcine joy.


that made my week.

and the day someone makes one for me, it will make my life.

brusha, brusha, brusha.

this evening i had to pop into duane reade on my way to the gym. as i was turning the corner to enter the store, i noticed a slightly disheveled-looking man ambling towards the entrance as well. as i'm the polite sort, i held the door open for him. he shuffled closer, looking slightly confused - up close i realized his eyes were somewhat glazed over and he looked rather worse for wear, but really who am i to judge? he could very well be a fellow unemployed - and he waddled into the store behind me. i went off to the dental care aisle to purchase a toothbrush (more to come), and promptly forgot all about him.

as i walked back up to the front of the store a few minutes later, i noticed disheveled man being hauled across the register area by the manager, who was announcing that this was the "last time [he] would be taking something from this store" and that the "police were on the way."

i feel vaguely responsible for this shoplifting incident. i should have just left disheveled man outside near the bus stop, where he probably belonged.


have any of you dear readers purchased a toothbrush lately? did you find it a completely overwhelming experience?

ok, maybe i'm exaggerating a tad. but the truth is, as silly as this may sound, i rarely buy my own toothbrushes. i see the dentist twice a year, and receive a new brush with every visit. i also am blessed with wonderful parents who live relatively near and keep their linen closet stocked with excess toiletry items - one being the family pack of toothbrushes from Costco - and so we steal them from their house whenever we are in need. there is usually always an extra toothbrush accessible to me, and so i never find myself in the drugstore attempting to purchase one.

until this evening. as luck would have it, i managed to drop my toothbrush in the garbage last night, during a time when there were no surplus brushes in our apartment. as i'm in my new 'being economical' phase, i spent a good three minutes staring into the garbage, wondering how filthy it would be of me to retrieve the thing. i decided very, and let it go.

so as i stood in front of the toothbrush section this evening, i couldn't get over the choices - there had to be at least 100 different toothbrushes. there were new brands i had never even heard of. rocawear makes a toothbrush? i wouldn't be surprised now.

a duane reade worker happened to be stocking the bottom row of brushes, and looked up at me as i hovered behind him. after about a minute, he inquired if i needed any help. i sheepishly explained that i was just trying to figure out which one i wanted. he politely offered to move out of the way so he wouldn't block the bottom rows. as he moved over to stand beside me, i panicked - now i had an actual audience waiting for me to make my decision - so i snatched the nearest blue-green one (my teeth like calming colors), thanked him for being so patient, and ran up to the register (where i was confronted with the disheveled man debacle).

thankfully after all that i picked a winner - the new toothbrush is pretty intense and puts those piddly free ones from the dentist to shame. i seriously feel like my teeth were just cleaned by car wash brushes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

loafing about.

we're a little behind, but apparently last friday, 1/23, was National Pie Day. never ones to forgo a delectable food holiday, we're going to belatedly celebrate, and wish you all a happy happy. while i'm pretty sure this holiday was made to celebrate all pies apple and cherry, we're going to focus our festivities on the savory pie variety - meat in a buttery baked crust...can it get any better than that?


so speaking of meats, i made my first meatloaf last week; my first foray into the hardcore meat-cooking realm*. it came out rather tasty, albeit it didn't look as perfectly loaf-shaped as i had hoped/expected. i spent a good amount of time shaping the ground beef mixture into a beautiful oblong shape, and then came time for me to flip it over, shortly into its 1+ hour stint in my oven.

have you ever tried flipping a 2 lb. meatloaf? it's not as simple as you might think. according to my consultant (er, my mother), i needed a fork and a spatula. two spatulas, a fork, a spoon, and a fervent wish for an extra arm later, i managed to get the hunk of beef to flip over...however, not before losing the tail end of it (which i later smoothed back on with a butter knife) and viciously burning my wrist. cursing and tears ensued.

in an interesting but fitting twist, the little burn mark i currently have left is shaped somewhat like a heart. considering my love of the meatloaf, i kind of hope this little meat-y memento will stay branded onto my wrist for awhile.


we know we've been slacking a bit in content lately - times have been a little tough and the posting isn't coming so easy when we're feeling so bleh. but we appreciate you dear readers who still stick by us. we're also working on a little side project which will debut later on this week for our big three year anniversary. THREE YEARS!!! we can't believe we've made it either.

*i know - meatloaf is only hardcore to the writer of this post. i am very well aware that it is considered a rather simplistic, almost laughable meal to most others - but to a relative dinner-making novice like myself, one who loves meatloaf more than will ferrell in wedding crashers does, this was like cooking a king's last feast.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

calm down, little man.

one day last week when missy and i were at the gym there was a minor holdup with accessing the locker room as a male worker had to go in there with a lock cutter and open some girl's lock, so no women could be in there. it became a long to-do over nothing. finally as we were being held outside with a few others, this twerpy little guy who looked like he was in high school appeared, assuring us that he was a manager and he would allow us into the locker room. he did this all with a booming voice and a flourish of hands, i suppose to prove how 'in charge' he was. we laughed about his napoleon complex later on.

little did we know.

so yesterday afternoon i was working out in a pretty empty gym, as you might imagine it would be during the weekday. at most, there were about eight of us in there. 8 of us for about 150 machines. i was a good 40 ft. away from the nearest gym-goer, and had an entire row of ellipticals to myself. about halfway through my workout i took off the sweatshirt i had been wearing and placed it over the handlebar on the machine next to me. within minutes, napoleon appeared in front of my machine, motioning for me to remove my headphones.

he informed me that we were not allowed to place articles of clothes on the machines, as it was a hazard to other guests. i smiled politely and apologized, saying i would place the shirt over my own machine. he said no, this too was a hazard. i offered to place it off to the side, on the ledge against the wall. he said that extra articles of clothing were NOT allowed ANYWHERE on the gym floor and i MUST go put my sweatshirt in the locker room. i said fine, and he stalked off.

while annoyed at this pointless intrusion - had i not been sweatily bounding up and down in front of him the entire time i might have remembered to point out about how the previous night when the gym was crowded someone had their coat in front of their treadmill, or how people have towels the size of my shirt hanging off their bikes all the time, so then those must be hazardous, and how come they don't have this rule posted anywhere - i also got a nice chuckle out of how ridiculous the exchange must have looked. he was definitely about two feet shorter than me when i was up on the machine. scolded by smurf.

Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend movie awesomeness/awesome movie weekend.

we had a busy, fun-filled long weekend this past one, but managed to sneak in a few movie viewings. all of which wound up blowing us away in their own special per the usual, our film suggestions do not entail you actually having to go to your local movie theater/spend a lot of money if perhaps you want to see them. how out-dated thoughtful we are!

man on wire - i've been wanting to see this one since it was out in theaters (shocking), and it was well worth the wait. it was an amazing little documentary. i felt the sort of inspiration that i think you're supposed to feel when you hear "i believe i can fly".

the bank job - from what i had read and heard about this one it seemed like many had chalked it up to being just another jason statham silly action flick (not that i think his action flicks are silly...the man is ridiculously hot, and starred in one of my most favorite movies of all time in which his character was named after my favorite meat of all time - he does no wrong in my book)...but it's not. it's actually a really really awesome heist film.

stepbrothers - we had no desire to see this one, until time warner cable started running a preview which involved a dive onto a bunkbed which then collapsed. as we are suckers for both pratfalls and bunkbeds, we decided to tune in. thank goodness we did - i haven't laughed so hard in ages (or days, at least). and beyond being hysterical, three words: copious dinosaur references! that automatically puts this movie on our beloved list.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i happened upon VH1's new reality show 'Tool Academy' this afternoon. as i was getting dressed in my room when it came on and didn't want to waste the time to come back into the living room and change the channel, i got to listen to some of the most ridiculous stuff i've ever heard on television (and we sometimes watch some pretty ridiculous television). not that i should even bother trying to analyze these shows anymore because they are solely created for the morons out there who want their 15 minutes of fame, and not guys like this don't exist, because i've definitely ran into some of them in staten island bars...but really, what girl wants to admit to the world that she is dating a tool? and what self-respecting man decides to stay on a show after he finds out that it isn't a competition for "mr. awesome" (um, yes, really) but instead a show built around what a jackass he is? and really, where is a relationship supposed to go after one party sends the other party to 'tool academy'? imagine those dinner conversations.

i know - most of those couples probably aren't even real. but still - it boggles my mind the depths of asinine slop that winds up on tv. i won't give it anymore ratings. i won't. i won't.


almost as insane, but way more lovable (and fun to say), are sparkleballs. i have no idea where i'd put one, but i am thinking i need a sparkleball in my life. maybe two.


i've always been a picture person - it's rare that an event will happen and i won't have my camera around to document it. lately, with the holidays and whatnot, i've been snapping more pictures than usual, and so all i've been hearing is "you have to post the pics!". meaning on facebook. which is just so interesting how things have evolved that now that phrase has become the standard when discussing photo sharing (although i rather wish that it didn't, and so i still share all the photos via email, which is redundant, but more meaningful to me than just tagging everyone for the world to see).

and so the other day as i was posting up the latest reminders of recent good times, i looked over at my photo albums - of which i have an entire bookshelf (11 albums; 2 are empty awaiting the photos i have from Feb 2007 - present to stuff inside of them) of just ones from college and after, as anything pre-college is at our parents' house (i wasn't kidding when i said i am a picture person) - and wondered what is to become of them. it really wasn't so long ago that i was still eagerly waiting for my photos to be developed from CVS (always paying extra for one-hour service since i was just that impatient). then i was sending them around via photo-sharing websites, but still printing out copies for my albums. and now i'm nearly two years behind - goodness knows how many that means i need to print out. the limit for any outing used to be 24 pictures, since that was all we had room for on the roll - now i actually almost filled an entire album JUST with photos from my 26th birthday (granted it was a disco party, a glittery affair, which in our opinion warranted 100's of photos...but still). so i guess it's impossible for our leather-bound memory-keepers of finite space to keep up in the digital age, but i feel completely saddened at the thought of only looking at my photos on a computer for the rest of eternity. i'm thinking i'm not going to be able to do it - that connection you feel to a person/place/event when you're physically holding a photograph is something that i never want to give up.


so today is my two-month unemployment anniversary. which is crazy as i feel like it all just happened yesterday. on the flip side, part of me has completely forgotten what it is like to have an office to go to every weekday, and so i feel like it has to have been way longer than a mere eight weeks. but whether i’m in a moment where it feels fresh or forever doesn’t matter, it all still feels the same underneath...sucky.

all the content of my old office is still sitting in two shopping bags on my bedroom floor - which is so completely unlike me to have not wanted to put the stuff away yet, so i imagine it’s a psychological thing that i don’t care to unpack and organize the bags even though i’ll clean around them and under them – and it’s funny that i now sit here and look at them and wonder what the hell to do with all this crap anyway.

and for the past six years i never thought of the items in that manner – why, almost everything in those bags came with me from my first job to my last job because they were just that important – but now that i’ve become my own office (literally, as i caved and upgraded my phone to one with internet and email capabilities, and so as i continue on my somewhat nomadic not-tethered-to-a-desk-all-day existence i am able to conduct any and all business i may need to from a street corner), i really don’t know why i needed all that junk in the first place. the inspirational magnets? the plastic hippos? the stuffed cows? the mug from an ex that held pens that barely even work anymore? the ceramic dish of scented rocks?

what waste. i imagine i’ll be taking a minimalist approach to my future desk.

Friday, January 09, 2009

friday fuzziness.

we happened upon the show I Was Bitten on the Discovery Channel the other night, and although it wasn't something for the squeamish (i.e., us) it was highly fascinating. some sort of venomous serpent bit this one guy right in the stomach, and the venom wound up making this giant hole right under his bellybutton. you could see in to his intestine! we watched, entranced, with our hands over our eyes.


so speaking of venomous animals, take a look at this little guy - ADORABLE. i want to write a children's book about him. and cuddle with him. and dress him up in a little bonnet or top hat, and show him off to my guests at a dinner party.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

my esophagus would never be able to handle this.

so i was at the gym last night - and this afternoon too. twice in 24 hours! i haven't done that since 1999 - and happened to catch a commercial for these. the visuals were so silly that i actually thought it was a joke at first, but no. it's not.

while i can completely see a benefit or two of a contraption like this, i also find it wildly disconcerting -- does this mean that corsets will be coming back? didn't my female ancestors spend hundreds of years breaking free of restraining upper-body garments, only for us to bring them back again? sigh.

Monday, January 05, 2009

the buzz.

is it just us, or are honey nut cheerios everywhere lately?

i probably hadn't eaten them since i was about 12 (the ecto-cooler effect totally applied there), and then a few weeks back missy was told she needed to be concerned with her cholesterol and our pantry became stocked with it, and i must admit, i've been hooked again since first bite.

so now we're eating hnc's for breakfast every morning, and suddenly we start seeing a commercial for them almost nightly. and then we went away with friends, and what was the cereal chosen for the house - not by missy or i - you betcha, honey nut cheerios.

i know - this could just be one big coincidence, but i smell a trend. a natural almond scented trend.


so i went about researching hnc's to see if i found anything that would explain this current resurgence - i did not - but instead found directions to make a cheerios bear. which, as far as the realm of food sculpture is concerned, is one of the cutest things i've seen in awhile. i hope family and friends feel the same way, since i'm thinking this will be my go-to gift for this year. happy birthday, have a cheerios bear!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

and on to the next one.

happy '09 everyone - we're back to civilization after being snowed in the mountains of PA for the past few days. while we had an awesome time, our first lesson learned this new year is that we are just not cut out for cold weather vacations. not in the least. thankfully our friends packed extra waterproof outerwear. we did, however, discover that we are pretty amazing snowman makers.

so we're a few days behind on the news, but in case you haven't seen this nifty little list yet - glorious. i don't quite know how i'm going to pull it off, but eventually i will get a group together for a new year's trip to watch a sausage drop and a marshmallow peep drop.