Monday, November 24, 2008

monday morning cuteness.

after a particularly rough end of last week, we thought we'd kick this one off as heartwarming-ly as we can. (the very least Bear and i can do while lounging about in bed whilst everyone else goes to work is provide a little good cheer, right? right.)

puppets AND hippos? swoon.

elder-love* gets us every time.

*and speaking of elder-love, a charming anecdote from a family dinner this past weekend:

mother was re-telling a conversation between herself and our father from earlier in the week. she had mentioned a friend of hers who was dating a widower, and my father interjected to say that if my mother passed away he couldn't go through the whole dating thing again.

how sweet, we all thought.

he then continued to say how he wouldn't date because it's just too much work to go through that all again in your 50's, and he'd try to find a new wife in an easier manner - for instance, asking a female postal worker to marry him when she brings him his mail.

when telling the story, however, mother used the phrase "mail lady" which our aunt took as "male lady" and a minute after the story was told sat there with a look of confusion upon her face as she asked our father why he'd replace our mother with a transsexual. hilarity ensued.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

looking at the bright side.

it's only day two of Unemployment Fest '08, but i'm already discovering how many things are more enjoyable when you're not rushing off to work in the morning. going to the dry cleaners. mailing letters. crossing the street. making breakfast.

especially making breakfast. in my old life, where i had a job and responsibility and stuff like that, fun breakfasts were relegated to the weekend. but not any more! now i have more than enough time to fill every day with bacon and eggs (but for the sake of my arteries, i won't).

to broaden my breakfast horizons i visited our old friend, mr. breakfast, where i discovered that next wednesday, november 28th, is national french toast day! (i know we're on team waffle over here, but we're also a huge supporter of french toast). i wanted to spread the word now, so everyone has a week to prepare. and purchase gifts for loved ones, since there are tees, mugs, and totes to commemorate this important day.

lest you don't believe me

Friday, November 14, 2008

moving along.

we usually don't write about serious stuff here, but

i got laid off today.

and i'm not writing this for sympathy, more so that i need to express how it just feels so strange. that i was roaming midtown at 4pm on a friday and didn't have a desk to be sitting at; that the work email that i've known for the past two years is now currently nonexistent; that i can sleep until noon on monday and no one will give a crap.

it's surreal. i've gone through the motions of a usual friday night out with friends - extra wonderful supportive thoughtful friends - but haven't been feeling at all like myself. which is to be expected but sort of disconcerting, as i always said that i wouldn't let my job define me, but then yet when it's taken away from me i feel completely lost. 'free', i suppose, is probably the better word to use here, as i've been told about 60 times this evening, but we're not at that stage yet.

although on the plus side, it means we will be updating loveandcyanide more frequently in the weeks to come.

Monday, November 10, 2008

"vegetable sale" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

i was asked recently if i wanted to have children someday, and as i don't think the question has ever been posed so directly to me before - at least not by an older, wiser, adult - it sort of took me by surprise. of course i wasn't anywhere near as surprised as when, also recently, a woman in a store asked me if i was having a child. missy is convinced i misheard her, and that she asked me if i HAD a child - i was intently watching her son adorably wreck havoc on a shoe display - but i'm doubtful. there were two syllables there, and "had" only has one. so i am NEVER again wearing the outfit i was in that day.

but i digress. so while i didn't really have a quick answer to the above question because i'm not one for 5 or 10 year plans, and i tend to consider everything situational, if i didn't, at some point down the road, want to have children, this would be why:

c'mon, let the kids have brownies

i would hate to bring a child into a world where they couldn't experience the joy of a proper bake sale.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

warning: rampant cuteness ahead.

hello readers! we're back.

while the title up there makes it seem like we'll be posting photos of us and Bear in our mouse ears, we managed to find something even cuter.


while everyone else goes nutso for the election, we're going to just sit here and watch some adorable baby animals all day long.