Monday, January 30, 2006

everyone else is doing it, so why can't we?

it's not in our nature to jump on bandwagons (unless of course the wagon in question was heading towards either a bar or the zoo, or was driven by plastic bertrand or adam west), but here we are. our landlord took away our cable box for a few days and lo and behold, we resorted to blogging. i kept a succession of diaries in my youth, and missy was a tutor in a writing center, so i guess it's really not all too surprising.

please enjoy. responsibly, of course.

the first time's never as good as you think..

Ten Things You Don't Know About Missy&Chrissy

1. One of us stuck their pinkie so far up the others nose as children that the calamity which ensued outlawed "family car trips" for quite some time.
2. We have inexplicable hatred towards Oprah, Dakota Fanning and Kirsten Dunst.
3. There is a 9:1 ratio of alcohol bottle per sissy in our apt, and we are not counting the beer.
4. One of us desperately wanted to be a ventriloquist.
5. We will use any excuse for a celebration and have taken to honoring 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' and 'Ferris Wheel Day.'
6. A note on our refrigerator officially bans "dating fcking losers" from our to do list.
7. One of us cried when Billy Joel got married. To Brinkley, not to that twelve year old. That was, like, last year.
8. Neither of us will speak to a man who spells incorrectly.
9. The only sport that holds our interest is hockey, Rangers, natch. After games our father calls and gives the update so we don't have to bother actually watching the whole thing ourselves.
10. We have declared 2006 officially over after only a month based upon a series of actions showing lack of judgment on one of our parts (who shall remain nameless) and the sale of a friends nipple via ebay. Really. We're finished with this year.