Wednesday, January 14, 2009


i happened upon VH1's new reality show 'Tool Academy' this afternoon. as i was getting dressed in my room when it came on and didn't want to waste the time to come back into the living room and change the channel, i got to listen to some of the most ridiculous stuff i've ever heard on television (and we sometimes watch some pretty ridiculous television). not that i should even bother trying to analyze these shows anymore because they are solely created for the morons out there who want their 15 minutes of fame, and not guys like this don't exist, because i've definitely ran into some of them in staten island bars...but really, what girl wants to admit to the world that she is dating a tool? and what self-respecting man decides to stay on a show after he finds out that it isn't a competition for "mr. awesome" (um, yes, really) but instead a show built around what a jackass he is? and really, where is a relationship supposed to go after one party sends the other party to 'tool academy'? imagine those dinner conversations.

i know - most of those couples probably aren't even real. but still - it boggles my mind the depths of asinine slop that winds up on tv. i won't give it anymore ratings. i won't. i won't.


almost as insane, but way more lovable (and fun to say), are sparkleballs. i have no idea where i'd put one, but i am thinking i need a sparkleball in my life. maybe two.

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