Thursday, May 29, 2008

breakfast anytime.

hey kiddies.
so we're back from chicago with a slight tan, an ear infection, a new appreciation for lakes, and photographical evidence proving that yet again, all of the best snacks are to be found in other parts of the nation:

wtf. i'm pretty sure nyc is sorely missing out on this, although i can't say for certain as i already had a bag of fritos in each hand and had a specific request for the pepperoni pizza variety, and it was 3am, and i couldnt handle carrying a fourth bag up to the counter without dropping everything all over the floor. the cashier was already suspicious of me snapping photos in the chip aisle.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hello. goodbye.

loveandcyanide has been ridiculously busy lately between work, planning a surprise 30th anniversary party for the parents, getting ready for vacation, planning another vacation, and attempting to plan a far-off vacation. (is it apparent that we need a break??)

here are some of the things we've been meaning to discuss, but will have to instead settle for just mentioning in list form:
  • the wild experience planning - and subsequent success of - the aforementioned surprise party
  • the general surprise factor that our parents can be together 30 years and yet one of us hasn't been able to maintain an 'official' relationship for longer than 9 months
  • that sweeney todd is the most horrendous movie ever
  • a new found love for Tide**
  • the fact that we're so wrapped up in the tudors, that when chrissy saw a jelly stained napkin (rectangular napkin, jelly stain in middle) in the kitchen the other day she actually mistook it for a letter sealed with wax (disappointment ensued upon closer inspection)
  • that we actually didn't abandon everyone's favorite feature - ipod poetry - see 'was planning a surprise party'***
  • and last but not least, our impending trip to the windy city****

*they spelled it that way, not me. you know our feelings on poor spelling.

**we know - its a popular detergent, but one we've managed to go all these years without. NEVER AGAIN! my clothes smell molestable.

***the friday feature will resume in 2 weeks. get excited!

****and yes, finally, a heads up that loveandcyanide will be taking a bit of a break while chrissy continues her annual tradition of hitting up a new corner of the good ol' U.S. of A. every memorial day weekend. last year she first crossed the mississippi (thank goodness those crazy ants weren't around then) - this year its a maiden voyage to the midwest. we've been promised "the best" sausages, deep dish pizza, and a boat ride -- is chicago heaven?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

nothing compares 2 hue.

once upon a time i had the world's most perfect nude lipstick - L'Oreal Taupestone*.

about two years ago, i started noticing that it was harder to find - where it had once been on the shelves of every drugstore, i could only find it in a select few. then a few months later it was even more scarce. after scouring every drugstore i could, i found 2 left in an eckerd in a distant part of my neighborhood and snatched them both up. after that - nothing. i even tried looking for it in other cities, but to no avail. i have about 1/3 of a tube left, and today only wear it for special occasions - i think the last time i wore it was in december, although i look at the tube longingly whenever i'm rummaging around in my makeup bag. i'm honestly not a huge makeup whore -- this is clearly an extremely major loss for me.

in the meantime, i've been on a hunt for a suitable replacement. last night, after keeping missy hostage in a dept. store for almost an hour as i was led around to just about every counter by the rather-tolerable-for-someone-working-for-commission makeup counter girl, testing out all the nude shades and finally purchasing one (one that i can claim is the most expensive lipstick i ever have - and ever will - own), i stood this lipstick next to all the other ones i've purchased in this chase and realized that i have spent about $75 trying to replace a $6 tube of mass market brand makeup. considering my next resort is sending the remainder of my beloved lipstick away to this company that will specially recreate it for me, i only imagine that total will double at some point.


*product name is listed here in the vain hopes that a L'Oreal color specialist will find it, take pity on me, and send me a case. or at the very least, the formula. i was ok in chemistry and would build a lab in my bathroom simply to recreate this thing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

well, we have #10 going for us.


missy and i would have clearly been spinsters had we been alive in the 1930's.

Friday, May 09, 2008

ipod poetry. v.5

the volume that almost never was.

by the side of the road, dressed to kill
do you wanna touch me,

Thursday, May 08, 2008

pork snacks, please.

we read this little factoid in a recent issue of gourmet magazine and felt it was necessary to post it here:

in ancient rome, the upper classes disdained meat but distributed pork to the street poor in an attempt to maintain order.

and people wonder why i'm so organized!


while we're on the subject of snacking to curb chaos, last night as we were walking home from work over the 59th street bridge, missy spied this odd little sign that said something to the effect of "cyclists, there are snacks at the end of the bridge for you". it was an official looking sign that, upon closer inspection, name dropped some transportation-alternative advocacy group and also thanked the bikers for traveling in an environmentally-friendly manner. but we still thought it a little bizarre/scary/hans christian andersen-y beware the troll bearing snacks at the end of the bridge, little children!

and so we arrived at the end of the bridge and there was a little crowd of people/bikes around a table covered with signage and water bottles (we did NOT see any of the promised "snacks"). and as the guy in charge called out to a passing biker, we wondered why he did not, in fact, try to call us over to the table as we clearly looked like we had just marched over a bridge. weren't we too going home in an environmentally-conscious manner?! why can't the walkers share in the snack party?!

we actually got so riled up at the exclusive and selfish way of the bicycle people (who we already have grievances with, as you already know), that one of us stepped out into the street without looking for cars, and the other had to drag her back before she got run over.

grrrr cyclists! we don't want your stupid cyclist snacks anyway.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

hoop-de-do'ing at the top of the empire state building.

yesterday evening was my first trip ever to the observation deck of the empire state building, something i figured i would never do since i hadn't managed to get up there by now, and i can currently see the skyline from my bedroom, so really, why waste the money and the tourist-fighting energy? but there we were last night staging a group photo op for a friends' wedding, and causing all sorts of ruckus as one member of our group works in the building so we had "VIP passes", and we sort of took this as our right to completely take over the entire landmark as security was putty in our hands with those passes. it was fun.

in any event, i can now say that there is something i love about the empire state building. no, not the view! the fact that in their souvenir shop they sell ESB branded peachy rings*, which they call "peach hoop de do's". i consider myself a bit of a peachy ring connoisseur**, so seeing this unique and wildly entertaining name for them just made my day.


speaking of sugary candy, i found myself with a package of sprees just before and they completely made my afternoon. as did eating them whilst reading this discussion. i am thrilled that there are other 'catcher in the rye' haters out there...up until now i've been led to believe it was just me. hmmph.

*these are peachy rings, in case you had no idea what i was talking about.

**my college roommate and i developed a minor addiction to them at one point, and they have been a staple in the sugary candy portion of my diet ever since.

Friday, May 02, 2008

ipod poetry v. 4

an inspirational one, for all the new grads:

you can do it
you can do it
you can have it all.