Wednesday, August 05, 2009

things fall apart.

my ipod (i think) broke earlier today - i say "i think" since you can never be too sure with those things. although since it turned itself off earlier today, when i do turn it on it is making an unnatural whirring noise and the little graphic that comes up is of a little caution sign with a sad-faced ipod standing next to it (right, everyone else who i relayed this to told me they never saw such a screen either), so things don't seem very promising - which is wildly distressing because beyond the fact that i'm not particularly in the market for new electronic equipment at the moment, i also only possess about a third of the music on it on my current computer.

which means if i do have to get a new pod i am going to be spending MANY hours holed up with all my old CDs. let's hope those apple store workers are actually magicians, not just geniuses.


speaking of genius (or those that fall slightly short), i've been noticing a disturbing new trend during my trips to the beach this summer - pillows. bed pillows, couch pillows - those soft, squishy square things are on the beach. is laying on one's beach towel not cushy enough that people need to tote their bedding along to get comfortable in the sand?? i understand that we lay on blankets on the beach and in parks, but the pillow brings it to a bizarre new level. unless those folks have particular beach pillows...imagine trying to get all that sand out of your bed?