Thursday, July 31, 2008

the cuddlier side of genocide.

dear sissies,

can i pleaseeeee get a knitler doll for christmas?


new projects.

dear sissy,

how come we didn't know about this?!

toy voyagers!

we need to get involved. maybe we can send that weird little blue bear of yours around the world.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

clueless, chocolateless.

dear sissy,

i was unaware about the mutant animal trend that's occurring, as i was too busy tending to the mutant flies buzzing about my office. which had me in such a tizzy that i went off to the vending machine with a ten pence, believing it was a quarter.

what i'm doing with a ten pence, i don't know, but i'm disturbed that it kept me from a package of m&m's.



dear sissy,

did you have any idea of the mutants that have been discovered this week?

first, the monkey pig and now this!

i'm feeling very ghostbusters over here.


Friday, July 25, 2008


dear sissy,

you are just lucky i didn't stab you.




dear sissy,

don't ever punch me in the nose after 1am ever, ever, again.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

sugar high.

dear sissy,

please don't allow me to have any cotton candy tonight.

so far today i have eaten:
-cap'n crunchberries
-bbq sushi badness
-dove chocolate bliss bar (2)
-pack of twizzlers


ps. if you subtract sushi from the list this may be the exact menu of a 9 year old boy at sleep away camp.


dear sissies,

which one of you thought it was smart to make lemonade in the watering can?

i know we only have one pitcher in the apt, but i've just fed the precious squash plant with countrytime.

please be more diligent or we will never get any squash flowers this year.


bat-free basil ice cream

dear sissy,

when you are finished playing with the bat that has moved into our garden, can you please pick some basil for this recipe? i would like to make it soon.

basil ice cream!

will you be my sous chef?



dear sissy,

the spicy tuna roll i got for lunch tastes like bbq sauce.

this seems suspicious.

if i do not make it to the charity carnival tonight blame my lunch.



Dear Sissy,

I have an idea for blogging that might get us more into it and updating more often..

You know how we email each other a gazillion times day?? Let's just blog them instead.

No more emails, just reading our own blog to see links to saved by the bell memoirs and updates on cervixes.


Monday, July 21, 2008

going batty.

last monday, after a particularly disturbing/distressful/crazy afternoon i commented to missy that it was the apocalypse. and although the world didn't end, nor was our entire week entirely doom-filled, something pretty apocalyptic did occur: we went to a movie theater. twice.

as you may recall me commenting in the past, we NEVER go to the movies. why, i don't know. we like watching them. we just don't like having to get our acts together to go watch them on someone else's timetable, i suppose. in any event, during our jam-packed week of world-ending insanity, we somehow managed to get to the movie theater more times than we had up until this point in 2008. (an amazing feat, although sadly only 50% of the movies we saw* deserved to be viewed during such a monumental week.)


so being the cineplex neophyte that i am, i was pretty clueless when it came to how things go these days at the concession stand. we pump our own butter?? i can order snack combinations? there are pretzel bites?! missy's boyfriend had the pleasure of explaining it all to me while on line - i imagine we resembled a gender-reversed mork & mindy episode - although i tuned him out once i discovered that the calorie count was listed next to each snack item. now, i understand that there are some sort of laws being passed about this and i've seen it already in some fast food chains, but come on! going to the movies is supposed to be some form of escapism - why the hell would i want to know that there are 3 billion** calories in my large soda? isn't it already pretty obvious that you're eating something fattening when the bucket of popcorn you're holding is bigger than a toddler? who didn't realize that the amount of calories you can consume in a movie theater is your weekly allotment of them?

sheesh. way to take the fun out of everything, health dept.

*since we know how much you all love guessing games, we'll leave it up you to guess which two we saw.

hints: the first was the WORST MOVIE WE'VE EVER SEEN. EVER! AND WE THINK ALL THE GIRLS WHO TOLD US HOW GREAT IT WAS ARE TOTALLY NUTS. AND WE'RE SO GLAD WE ALREADY BOYCOTT THE REPEATS OF THE SERIES AS WE WILL NOW NEVER AGAIN WATCH ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH IT. the second, falling on the opposite end of our approval scale from the aforementioned big screen travesty, was that little film that just opened this weekend about a man in a bat costume. maybe you've heard of it?

**figures may not be accurate.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


so we're back from vacation, but have been completely non-functioning the entire week thus far. complete wastes of space. it took us 3 days to wash a tupperware. one of us can't even handle painting her toenails. (i imagine a week of doing nothing more than walking 50 ft. from a house to the beach and lifting nothing heavier than a big red cup filled with booze can do that to a person).

but despite the lethargy, we've actually been having a great run with new + exciting things. and so, a list of our latest obsessions:

  • the bubble calendar
  • heloise & the savior faire
  • beef jerky
  • america's best dance crew
  • dark chocolate reese's (special batman edition)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


has anyone else experienced these facebook gender issues, or are they only discriminating against bears?