Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend movie awesomeness/awesome movie weekend.

we had a busy, fun-filled long weekend this past one, but managed to sneak in a few movie viewings. all of which wound up blowing us away in their own special per the usual, our film suggestions do not entail you actually having to go to your local movie theater/spend a lot of money if perhaps you want to see them. how out-dated thoughtful we are!

man on wire - i've been wanting to see this one since it was out in theaters (shocking), and it was well worth the wait. it was an amazing little documentary. i felt the sort of inspiration that i think you're supposed to feel when you hear "i believe i can fly".

the bank job - from what i had read and heard about this one it seemed like many had chalked it up to being just another jason statham silly action flick (not that i think his action flicks are silly...the man is ridiculously hot, and starred in one of my most favorite movies of all time in which his character was named after my favorite meat of all time - he does no wrong in my book)...but it's not. it's actually a really really awesome heist film.

stepbrothers - we had no desire to see this one, until time warner cable started running a preview which involved a dive onto a bunkbed which then collapsed. as we are suckers for both pratfalls and bunkbeds, we decided to tune in. thank goodness we did - i haven't laughed so hard in ages (or days, at least). and beyond being hysterical, three words: copious dinosaur references! that automatically puts this movie on our beloved list.

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