Wednesday, February 06, 2008

balancing act.

forgive us for slacking in the writing dept, but loveandcyanide has been under-the-weather this week.

and while being apt-ridden the past two days during crappy rainy february may kinda sound like fun, believe me, it was not. our internet decided to cease working and due to throat pain/the fact that i sound pretty much just like patty or selma from the simpsons (you can choose), chatting on the phone wasn't an option either. and so left with little ability to interact with the outside world, and with feeling like absolute crap, and with just being generally frustrated with a varied mix of people/places/things in my life, i threw about 19 temper tantrums in the past 36 hours. its been a blast.

but, as the universe is wont to balance itself out, there have been a few bits of wonderfulness from the past few days...

  • waitress*
  • slathering bananas in nutella when missy wasn't home to yell at me for eating bananas in the apartment
  • puppy bowl IV (and the kitty half time show too!)
  • the occasional small-town charm of dive-y Staten Island bars, and the old men that frequent them
  • learning to like soup
  • the last few chapters of the united states of arugula
  • brand new pajamas that i need to wait until its warm out to wear
  • eddie izzard tickets!

*really, i wasn't expecting much at all from this movie and it was just lovely.


P H said...

you're seeing Eddie Izzard? Also, what's wrong with bananas?

soulspeak23 said...

a dive bar?!?! on staten island!?!? Never!
Hope you feel better!

soulspeak23 said...

sorry to doble post, but i simply must share this with you, since we share a love of bacon.

sheer ridiculousness.

missy&chrissy. said...

ph - yup, he's doing a few shows here later this month! and i didn't say there is anything wrong with bananas..

ss23 - thanks! i'm off to the doc today to get meds. hah - i was referring to lee's tavern...i don't know if the fact that they serve (awesome) pizza negates their divey-ness.

and that bacon scarf is amazing. i love etsy and it's ridiculous wares! and i love even more how the seller suggests doing a "bacon scarf" search to see how others out there pale compare to hers...

(you know i'm off doing such a search now)

soulspeak23 said...

lol. i did my search already and they do pale in comparison.
And I'm actually supposed to go to Lee's Tavern this weekend. never been before.
Coinkidinks all over the place

missy&chrissy. said...

thats so funny!

i actually didnt start going to lee's until i moved off the island and a friend informed me of its existence...but the pizza and calamari are really good, and the drinks are cheap. enjoy!!

P H said...

why would missy yell at you about BANANAS??

missy&chrissy. said...

missy hates all fruit.

and bananas are the MOST hated of them all.

P H said...

that is totally absurd. fruit is amazing