Friday, January 18, 2008

oh come on. we know you write them too.

we love almost everything about our new building, except for whichever neighbor (neighbors) treat it with little-to-no disregard and occasionally deposit garbage where it does not belong (i.e., a half-eaten sandwich strewn on the floor near our elevator). we tend to blame the recent college-grad girls on the 3rd floor, as they probably come home wasted and treat the place like a dorm. i will fully admit that i stumble in wasted - i just bring my garbage up to my apartment with me like a GOOD TENANT/ADULT/HUMAN BEING SHOULD.

anyway, as this 'random trash on the lobby floor' issue had come up a few times in the few months we've lived there, the night i came home and saw the sandwich on the floor i threw a little hissy fit. i hightailed it up to my apartment, grabbed a post-it, and jotted down a little message about building cleanliness, conscientiousness, and the fact that garbage on the floor = roaches. a friendly reminder for our filthy neighbors, missy and i concluded. by the next afternoon the mess had been cleaned up by whatever mysterious cleaning crew takes care of our building. my friendly reminder had been cleaned up too.

although i guess it wasn't so much a friendly reminder, and was more of a passive-aggressive note.

apparently a lot of people write them.

so many, that there is a website devoted to them.

a website that i am seriously enjoying this afternoon. hopefully you will too. (thank you, hillary!)


Tim said...

If it is the college-grad girls, you should push some Treet through their letterbox.


inthemiddle said...

awww...thanks for showin' me the love not the cyanide

Chuckles said...

This is why I hesitate to move from my efficiency and get more space and more roommates.

soulspeak23 said...

this is completely off topic, but i need to inform you about this:

missy&chrissy said...

tim - that is a dastardly wonderful good idea!

itm - cyanide for you!

chuckles - less space, less roomies is probably the better way to stay. unless you live with a sibling, as then you can avoid the passive-aggressive note factor and just have hair-pulling fights with them...

ss23 - OMG THAT IS AMAZING!!! thank you! i've infused ginger vodka, and lemon vodka, before - clearly bacon is my next step.

Chuckles said...

I have had bacon-infused bourbon and I will state that it was oily and gross. I love bacon but that I did not love.