Friday, January 18, 2008

so uniformed.

as much as i love food, i know very little about the canned meat variety. so imagine my surprise and delight when i had my first encounter with TREET this evening in the supermarket.

treeeeeettt! why the hell is spam so p
opular when there is another canned meat product out there with an even funner name?! who doesn't love treats?! boy, when kids trick-or-treat at my house someday they are going to have no idea what's in store for them.

so after missy and i finished throwing our little happy fit in front of the treet shelf, and i came home and did extensive research, i discovered the absolute best thing about the stuff: people make "tr
eet loaf".

i'm reeling.

virginia baked ham "taste"...mmmm!


inthemiddle said...

mmm...i smell a treet-themed dinner party. nothing big, just a little treet and greet for some old friends...

i'll bring the spaghetti and treetballs!

soulspeak23 said...

be careful with your canned meats. there was a canned meat recall not so long ago and apparently there are more canned meat products than I ever imagined.
see for yourself:

missy&chrissy said...

itm - great idea! treetballs for everyone. maybe i can make a treet pie too.

ss23 - don't worry, i won't be touching the stuff. just obsessing over it from afar...but this list is amazing. i had no idea they put bbq'ed pork in a can!!