Friday, April 06, 2007

a beary good time.

not like we don't usually speak of all things ursine here at loveandcyanide, but this week our lives were even more bear-filled than usual. as if that was even possible!

to cap off our bearalicious week, last night we had the pleasure of watching the most entertaining documentary we've seen in awhile - Project Grizzly. the story of a man on a mission to build an indestructible suit of armor that would enable him to get closer to these sometime deadly bears, this film has it all - humor, pathos, insane bearsuit-testing that involved much pummeling, and of course gratuitous grizzly shots.

we give this one two thumbs - and a (stuffed) paw - wayyy up.


Chuckles said...

That movie is awesome. You should check out the documentary Cane Toads. It is similar in style.

That guy has designed a new suit that he is trying to sell to the Canadian Military. He says it will stop a 7.62 rifle round and only weighs like 20-30 pounds. It also looks super cool.

missy&chrissy said...

good for him - i felt his suit should be used for military was basically indestructible (albeit, heavy).

we've netflixed cane toads...thanks! sounds like a fun film.