Tuesday, November 07, 2006

because one chickenbone story per week is never enough.

i know. you're wondering how in a mere 4-day span a person manages to have two stories starring a chickenbone. keep in mind i'm currently chrissy the vermin magnet - it only makes sense that such food waste finds its way around me.

so i believe i've complained about this in the past, but i just do NOT understand what compels some people to carry the food they do onto buses. and i'm not talking city buses, where the door opens every few minutes so the smell of the offending food source has the opportunity to waft outside - no, i'm talking about inter-city buses, where patrons are trapped in the airless vehicles for hours on end. where there's little to no personal space and therefore using a fork should seem out of the question.

but no. defying all laws of common sense, i've seen the most difficult to eat, stankiest food stuff brought on to these buses during my rides. this past weekend was the kicker. a group of women come parading onto the bus with paper holders full of...fried chicken. who eats fried chicken on a bus?!?!

the grease. the bones. so the ladies are munching away on their birds, and as one of them shifts, i see her little cardboard container tip to the side. a moment later a drumstick tumbles out and into the bus aisle. of course the woman is oblivious, and the leg rested there for a good 8 minutes while i glared at it in disgust. finally, her friend noticed and she leaned into the aisle and picked it up.

i truly just do not understand why someone would think that eating chicken on a bus is a good idea. do they not realize that there is reasoning behind the invention of snack packs and travel mugs?

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