Monday, August 21, 2006

hip hip...

there are many reasons why i like canada. the european flair. toonies and loonies. a greater appreciation of hockey. eugene levy. fun province names like quebec and saskatchewan. moose. canadian bacon.

today i found a new one, one so wonderful it would possibly make me contemplate moving up north, except for the fact that i've experienced montreal in the winter and totally can't handle it. i've been on a banking research kick lately as i think i finally have to end my relationship with Chase. its been a pretty solid one now for many years, but lately i'm starting to feel taken advantage of. and i realized i'm still with Chase just for the convenience factor, and that's really a poor reason to stay with someone, isn't it? but i digress. while bank perusing for greener (heh) pastures, i somehow went a bit off-course - typical - and wound up coming across President's Choice Financial, a canadian banking company. so what makes them so wonderful, you ask? this:

a hippo bank! i love hippos and even have a hippo bank myself (not courtesy of Chase), so i was quite thrilled to see such love for our potato-shaped, water-dwelling friend. he even looks like he was plucked off a hungry hungry hippos gameboard, which obviously was one of my most favorite games EVER. so this little hippo bank was all over their website, and i couldn't find any logical explanation as to why they want the hippo representing them - a moose or a beaver i could have understood, but not this sub-saharan beast. do canadians just really love hippos? well, then i love the country even more! it's so unfortunate that the nearest President's Choice is a few hundred miles from my apartment, or else my banking switch would be infinitely easier.

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