Friday, August 18, 2006

the adventures of loveandcyanide and the angry ravioli: an eventful thursday night.

for some reason we haven't been causing as many hijinks as usual lately. thankfully last night changed all that and we're back to our old ridiculous ways. it all started, i assume, when i graffiti-ed in the supermarket. now just calm down. i didn't cover the Keebler display with spray paint. i merely saw a sign on a freezer case:

Angy Ravioli

of course i thought it said "angry ravioli" and i was so excited by the idea of these pissy little cheese circles i almost knocked missy down as she was checking out some new brand of pita chips. when we realized the ravioli were not actually angry, i took out my trusty pen and added the R in. now they are! not the worst thing i've ever done, but we believe it set off the chain of calamitous events that followed.

we squeezed all the fun possible out of ShopRite for the evening, and were off to Dunkin Donuts. it has a drive-thru, and we never turn down the option of drive-thru, so there we were hanging out the car window figuring out what we wanted. as i begin to order, i realize my mouth felt wet. why? of course my lip has split and blood is gushing out of it. while ordering my father his sundae i frantically turn to missy and do the international sign for please-give-me-a-napkin-because-my-face-is-bleeding and she sort of stares at me in disgust and passes one over. so we order and start to bring the car around towards the window and we realize i'm still gushing blood and can't possibly face a dunkin donuts worker looking like this. it was nighttime and i assume he would have assumed i was a vampire with a hankering for a strawberry frosted donut and i'm certain working the night shift like he does he's seen a lot worse, but still. so i put the car in park, and we run out and switch places.

further embarassment averted, we drive back to my parents house, where they stare in shame and something akin to fright that their eldest can be such a bloody mess. thankfully my hemorrhaging soon ceased and we busied ourselves soaking fruit in jugs of wine, prepping for the sangria we will be serving at a party tomorrow. afterwards we settle ourselves in with the excess wine and
breakfast on pluto -- an excellent movie, but unfortunately it has squelched my love for cillian murphy. i can't possibly still have a crush on a guy who looks better in a dress than i do. movie ends, we go to bed. right. easy. no. instead, as missy carries the supposedly empty glasses into the kitchen, she somehow lets go of one and sangria is flung into three different rooms. she used to play softball so we know she has a good arm, but the distance this sangria flew was actually amazing. it made it around corners, in crevices. it was dripping off of surfaces we didn't know existed. laughing hysterically at the mess we'd made, we deliriously cleaned up the wine - poorly, as we were informed this morning - and took our hapless selves to bed. an eventful evening, indeed.


Chuckles said...

This blog needs more RAVIOLI!

missy&chrissy said...

we're workin on it...