Monday, July 31, 2006

monday roundup

the summer heat and pathetic injuries are making things a bit sluggish today, so all the rants and raves i’ve been compiling in my head are listed below. i love making lists almost as much as you love that I’m not writing yet another incredibly wordy post. so everyone wins.

The good:

Bowling! loveandcyanide went bowling saturday night for the first time in ages. ridiculous amounts of fun ensued. striped tube socks optional, although they brought luck to missy.

Stacey’s pita chips. favorite new snack obsession. don’t ask, just buy -- you know you can trust us on all things grocery.

we saw a mall security guard riding around on a Segway. tres hilarious. i kinda wanted to shoplift just for the chase.

The bad:

there was a tip jar at the register of the deli I went into this morning. is that really necessary??

This article from this week’s NY Times Magazine. journalists shouldn’t be allowed to use the word “cool” this many times in their career, let alone in one story.

don’t be fooled by its fun-sounding moniker melonade – honeydew and lemonade do not make a tasty mix.

The ugly:

mosquitos. the little suckers are after us with a vengeance.

impending week of 100+ temps. already screwy electricity. what are the odds our neighborhood'll go dark again?

being so out of shape that your arm is sore from bowling (see “pathetic injuries” above)


Chuckles said...

My arm was sore after I went bowling a few weeks ago. I was using a 14 pound ball and got 5 strikes in a row. That was cool.

I was able to get the ball almost halfway down the lane on a good loft.

missy&chrissy said...

was salt & pepa's "push it" playing when you got your 5 strikes (nice job) in a row?? we found that to be our special lucky bowling song...

Chuckles said...

There were a wide range of songs while I bowled my best game ever, but S&P's push it played during a later game, I think.

Everyone thinks I am some sort of pro bowler trying to hide in DC from some distant past shame involving the pro bowling world. I am too ashamed to admit that I was kicked out of the PBLA for having a full head of hair and only a small gut.