Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the ABC's of B.E.A.R.. .

ever since this blog was nicely marketed as two girls and a homosexual stuffed bear there has been a noticeable lack of all things gay and fuzzy. i am here to fix that... and so, a little about me, B, to bring the g-a-y back to the blogosphere.

A - Available: yes
A - Age: 6
A - Annoyance: sharing my bed with more than one person.

B - Best feature on yourself: my little tummy. everyone loves to rub it.
B - Beer: i'm a heiny man.
B - Birthday: June 13, 2000

C - Crush: Supertoro, te amo. <3
C - Car: bears don't drive!
C - Candy: swedish fish. i'm a hunter at heart.

D - Day or night: the wild night is calling.
D - Dream Car: bears. don't. drive.
D - Dogs or Cats: i like to cuddle with cats, they're just about my size.

E - Egg nog: Yummm.
E - E-mail: Bear4mayor@gmail.com

F - Favorite color: Purple pride.
F - Favorite Band: The Scissor Sisters. Babydaddy = the original bear.

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Bears do it better.
G - Giver or taker: i'm a taker.

H - Hair Color: beige
H - Height: 3'2
H - Happy: content

I - Ice Cream: chocolate
I - Instrument: tuba
I - Idol: David Lee Roth, although i've been known to have the McPhee-ver.

J - Jewelry: a diamond collar.
J - Job: Gigolo, Psychotherapist and GuardBear.

K - Kids: children slobber on my fur, it's not happening.
K - Kickboxing or karate: working out is for bitches.

L - Longest Car Ride: being jammed into a duffle bag for weekend train/ferry/car commutes to the parents. gag.
L - Lamest Inside Joke: about me needing a bath. i'm anti rinse cycle, get over it!

M - Milk Flavor: chocolate.
M - Most missed person: i miss living with jenniebelle and watching really horrible reality tv with her on our tiny dirty couch.

N - Number of Siblings: 0
N - Number of Tattoos: 0
N - Name: Bear.

O - One wish: my own room. four people in a two bedroom? torture!
O - One regret: agreeing to that one ride in the machine that shredded my leather nose..

P - Part of your appearance you like best: my scruffy fauxhawk.

Q - Quick or Slow: i'm portly, i do things accordingly.

R - Reasons to smile: my big comfy bed.
R - Reality TV Show: project runway! robertbest, call me<3

S - Song Last Heard: just a gigolo, by my idol.
S - Season: winter. i'm all about hibernation.
S - Shoes you're wearing: BEARfoot is the way to go.

T - Time you woke up: Noon
T - Time Now: 4:22
T - Time for bed: nap in about an hour, wake up, eat, go back to the third world country formerly known as astoria, bed by 10pm.

U - Underwear: commando.

V - Vegetable you hate: all of them!
V - Vegetable you love: none, i'm a carnivore.
V - Vacation spot: i heard something about south america being next so i can bring my spanish skills to Machu Picchu. Viva Le Oso!

W - Worst habit: my wandering eyes and come hither look.
W - Weather: cold, i do have arctic blood.

X - there is no x, this is possibly the worst survey ever and my tiny cotton stuffed brain is reeling at the inadequacy of the human race to invent a comprehensive, intelligent myspace questionnaire.

Y - Year it is now: 2006
Y - Yellow: snow!

Z - Zoo Animal: central park polar bears!
Z - Zodiac Sign: gemini.


Chuckles said...

What does bear think of the care bears?

missy&chrissy said...

they're a bunch of pastel colored pansies.

<3 b