Monday, September 29, 2008

morbid monday.

I was supposed to do this post on Thursday evening, and somehow a handful of days managed to escape me. so last thursday was going to be a pretty uneventful weeknight – missy and i were heading home from work to cook dinner and catch up on some television from the week, and on our way to the subway we happened upon a dexter newsstand. Which is exactly what it sounds like – a newsstand filled with all things relating to showtime’s marvelous show Dexter. Being huge fans, we made a beeline to the stand and the marketing peons running it ambushed us with fanzines, free candy, and Gatorade. (or um, maybe we were the first passersby to actually ambush them)

regardless, it was like Christmas, just slightly more macabre and without the evergreen, since everything at the stand – from the sign to the Gatorade to all the various types of candy – was red. Which worked out great for us since we walked away with a bunch of sugary favorites - red hots, red sour straws, and – probably the most amazing thing to happen to me that evening – a cherry airhead. i haven't had an airhead in ages. MMMMMMMM.

so yes, this was all a giant campaign – a successful one, we think – for the new season, which started last night and although we won’t be watching the premiere until this evening we KNOW it was amazing and hope you all might tune in if you aren’t already fans. or at least look for a dexter newsstand near you, so you can make out like crimson-candied bandits as well.

as if the serial killer candy bonanza wasn’t enough for that one evening, we then stopped into our local supermarket to pick up non-sugary food for dinner, and in the cereal aisle missy discovered “uncle sam’s laxative cereal”. Not kidding. Way to get that point across! i really wish one of us had a camera with us to capture both the cereal box and our delirious grins when she called me over and showed it to me.

lastly, to go back to today’s theme, we had spent this weekend – and morning – at a family funeral. i know, we’ve all been to funerals and they are unpleasant and awkward, so we’re not going to go on about it more than we have to. however i had spent a good few minutes this morning just staring at the carpeting in the funeral home, and as it looked insanely familiar, and as I hadn’t been in that particular funeral home in about three years, i decided that it must be because all funeral homes use similar carpeting - an evenly-spaced pattern of little floral bouquets. And the more I sat there pondering the carpet, the more i realized that it was really the most fitting covering for any mourner who happened to stare at the floor – the slight design was distracting but not dizzying, the repetition of it somewhat soothing and easy to focus on. And in that moment – and all the subsequent ones after, while i continue to think about this stupid carpet, on the subway to my office and now sitting in my office (clearly thinking of anything but the work i should be thinking of) – i feel ridiculously comforted knowing that so much thought was put into that floor covering.


soulspeak23 said...

have you read the Dexter books??? I liked them better than the show, but the show is damn good too!

Also, I'm sorry for your family loss but glad that you had soothing flooring to help you get through it.

missy&chrissy. said...

ss23 - thanks so much!

i haven't read the dexter books, but i've been told i should. if you liked them better than the show, i will definitely have to check them out!