Monday, June 02, 2008

open letter to the bar security industry.

dear bouncers,

i understand that some of you need to keep track of who enters/exits your place of work by inking our hands as we walk in to your bar/lounge/club/etc. we are all aware that the morning-after-stamp-on-the-hand is a by-product of socially drinking. however, if you are unable to use a regular stamper, is it possible for you to at least use some sort of non-permanent ink instead? your patrons don't mind being marked for an evening, but its a little much to be branded for life.

i knew it meant trouble when one of your own came at my hand with a Sharpie on friday night. it is currently 3 days, 2 showers, and 1 hand-dip-in-the-pool later and i still have the weird little green design drawn on me.

had i know i was getting another tattoo that night, i would have at least asked for it to be centered.


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