Tuesday, August 07, 2007

we haven't done an animal post in awhile.

since the death of our beloved cat tigger two months ago there's been a dearth of all things cute and fuzzy in our lives. thankfully, a new season of meerkat manor (or meeeeeerkat manor, as i so like to whiningly say) is starting up this week, so cute/fuzziness will be restored.


so at our rather raucous family gathering this weekend we were treated to two very different, yet equally ridiculous, animal stories from family members.

first up was the tale of the seagull - "the little bastard", as my mother called him - who menaced my parents for their funnel cake on their recent weekend down the shore. inching closer and closer as they ate on a bench, the "brazen" seagull infuriated my mother so much that she threw her napkin at him in an attempt to distract him from his cakey target. unfortunately, the tossing of the napkin prompted a seagull swarm, and my parents were chased from their bench by about 20 seagulls diving down to see what had been thrown at their leader. and my dad wonders why missy and i prefer to vacation without them.

never one to be topped, my aunt launched into her recent encounter with a garden snake - an encounter that included screaming, a 10-minute weed killer shower for said snake, the apparent death of snake, joyous celebration by aunt, and then the subsequent discovery that snake had disappeared, meaning she either vaporized it with the weed killer, or, most likely, simply maced the thing into a temporary stupor.

its really no wonder i can't handle killing a giant fly when i see how poorly my relatives react when put in man-vs-beast situations.


Chuckles said...

My nephew loved some show about meeeeeeeeeeeerkat with that dude Nigel (who's alway having plans made for him) while we were on vacation.

Your aunt needs to chill the fuck out. A garden snake isn't going to do anything but eat crickets and maybe a mouse or two and certainly isn't going to bite her unless she touches it.

As for seagulls, I would go ahead and kick at them and even connect. They are in no danger of becoming extinct and they suck.

missy&chrissy said...

your nephew has excellent taste in television...

seagulls do suck - most especially because the bird was our highschool mascot.

honestly, how pathetic is that?

Chuckles said...