Friday, August 03, 2007

mr. met might have a harder time stalking me now that i've changed my address.

well, mr. met isn't personally stalking me (i wish! i would love to see that giant baseball head ducking into bushes and behind cars as he followed me home), but his organization is.

for the past few weeks i've received a 'courtesy call' on my cell about every 3 days from the mets. why?? i think i've purchased mets tickets maybe once in my life, and i know that i didn't give them my cell phone number. whenever missy and i have to give out numbers, we offer up our parent's. hee.


so besides the MLB harassing me, all has been going excellently - most especially, the move, and the new apartment. i know we were complaining, and everyone complains, about how hard it is to move - but we were never informed about how glorious it is to actually use movers. to stand around idly while your stuff magically gets from one place to another. in our valid attempts to help them - having grown up with our mother, its impossible for us to feel anything but guilty as we stand by and watch others do things without pitching in - the guys actually took items from our hands and carried them out themselves. of course this could've been because the moment i picked up our decorative metal wheel i managed to knock it on the floor, where it made a deafening clang in the near-empty room, but nevertheless, it was absolutely amazing how efficient these guys were.

missy even commented that she intends to hire movers to get her kids to and fro college. which, if they have even half the amount of crap she and i managed to cram into our dorm rooms, isn't really as outlandish as it may sound.


Chuckles said...

I am sending my kids to college with nothing, should I ever have any kids. They can scrounge for junk like I did.

I want to be stalked by the Burger King, mostly so I can beat the piss out of him. That would be oddly satisfying.

Don't the Mets suck? I am not a student of the arcane traditions of baseball, but that is what I have heard.

missy&chrissy said...

ha! i want you to be stalked by the burger king too...someone needs to beat that smug grin off of his face.

i'm not quite sure if the mets suck this season. but if they do, perhaps that explains why they are desperately trying to get me to attend their games.