Wednesday, June 06, 2007

vacation, revisited.

the past few days have been rather overwhelming, due to a giant book expo and a 5-year college reunion. one of those events involved hoards of middle-aged women wielding giant tote bags, the other copious amounts of alcohol and a dorm sleepover. i'll let you guess which was which, and at which i had the most fun.

having finally recuperated, i'm ready to reveal, as promised last week, the reasons why i'd like to move to good ol' texas upon having visited it. (have no fear, i'm not actually going there unless something major necessitated it. my bangs could never handle the humidity and i'm not into driving trucks.)

1. THE BBQ - seriously, amazing. i literally wanted to snuggle in and take a nap in this batch of pulled pork i ate.

2. SONIC - the establishment taunts new york (or maybe just loveandcyanide) as its commercials play all the time here while the nearest one is in virginia. hours away! you cannot show us a banana creme pie shake featuring nilla wafers tha
t we can't have. thankfully, texas had one about every 20 ft.

3. $850 RENT - not per person. per apartment. per gorgeous apartment my friends lived in that featured a fireplace, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a community pool that looked like it was pulled from the caribbean. and what do i pay for my 750 sq. ft. box?

4. THEY SELL BACON BY THE STRIP! - oh, you don't believe me? behold the photographic evi

its a little fuzzy, but that whataburger sign states "bacon per slice - 0.35". we wound up at that drive-thru at about 1:30am, so you know the insane amount of willpower it took me to just snap photos and not pull away with a $2 handful of bacon.


Tim said...

Mmmmmm… Bacon…

Sorry - turned into Homer Simpson for a moment there!

Chuckles said...

That Sonic is a long way down in Virginia. I've looked. Also, you can only get green chili cheeseburgers in the Sonics in the southwest. I wonder why they are paying so much for ads in areas of the country that have exactly 0 establishments per thousand people.

missyandchrissy said...

you never have to apologize to us for having a bacon moment!

green chili cheeseburgers?! and why the hell did i not see them on the sonic menu? sigh.