Tuesday, June 12, 2007

touching on the elements (sans fire).

i just finished reading a lengthy article in the NY Times real estate section that featured someone i graduated college with, which was a little bizarre to see. more bizarre is that the guy was a degenerate in school and is now about to become a father. most bizarre is that this is actually the second lengthy Times piece i've recently read that featured one of my classmates.


the roosevelt island tram absolutely fascinates me. it always has - taking a ride on it has been on my daytrip to-do list forever - but now even more so as i have a great view of it from my office. so i get to stare at it all day long. which is nice, because watching a little tram float by every few minutes makes me feel like i'm in disneyworld as opposed to an office.

but notice how i said every few minutes. seriously, the tram must be the quickest mode of transportation in the city because its like the minute one arrives, the next one is already on its way in. we're in the midst of a seriously major downpour right now, and i just spotted one gliding across the sky. i guarantee the subway is screwed up due to this rain (or at the very least the N train is, since a mere snowflake sets that one off-schedule), and yet the city's sky transport is still going strong. amazing.


speaking of amazing, we finally got around to watching the squid and the whale last night. SUCH a good movie. despite the rampant literary pretension - you would think working in publishing i'd be accepting of it. NO! it bothers me more than most other sorts of pretension - it was incredibly well-acted and just a really good story. and at less than 1.5 hours, it never dragged. then as the credits rolled we discovered that one of the leads was played by kevin kline's son. <3! we love kevin kline...


and speaking of sea life, tomorrow is missy + bear's big day. (don't bother wishing them birthday greetings here since they won't see it. although i suppose you could wish me greetings for them, as our family used to buy both of us gifts on each other's birthday's so the non-birthday sister wouldn't feel left out...) what does that have to do with the ocean? a good third of missy's gift this year is related to the aquatic. why? as a tyke she went through a phase where she carried a dried seahorse around with her in her pocket at all times, and i just love taunting her about her peculiar little marine phase.


soulspeak23 said...

you know, for the longest time, my mother swore that seahorses were fictional creatures. Even when we took her to the aquarium and showed them to her swimming around in their little tank, she said they must have been battery operated. I still don't think she really believes. You remember how crazy she is.

And happy birthday, missy/chrissy!

Tim said...

A dried seahorse? OK, if she won't see a birthday greeting here (please pass one on though!), she certainly won't see this:

That's super-bizarre!!

Chuckles said...

Trams are awesome and easier to keep on time I would think, since they are basically one stop horizontal elevators.

missy&chrissy said...

its a little late, but much thanks from everyone here for all the bday wishes!

ry, i love that your mom doesn't believe in seahorses. and i do remember how crazy she was - she was the coolest mom i knew when we were young! tell her i said hello..