Wednesday, May 09, 2007

wednesday questions

why... does going to the dry cleaners make me feel more productive and fill me with a greater sense of accomplishment than almost anything else?


when...did i become so health consciously inclined? i just had a phone fight with missy about how we had to go to the gym after work today instead of enjoying this beautiful balmy evening dining outdoors at our new favorite neighborhood joint. this is the first time ever that i've chosen exercise over wine + bbq'ed octopus. and i don't even regret it. scary.


doesn't it...violate some sort of workplace code to shut off the water - thereby closing the restrooms - in an office for four hours during a workday, with the closest alternative being in another building across the street?

i should really have OSHA on speed dial.


Chuckles said...

If they shut off the water for that long, I would just take the day off. You could have gotten uromeistatiasis or whatever, like on Seinfeld.

I have had the same lunch for two days: crunchy peanut butter on 5 whole celery sticks and a banana, followed by an apple at 3:30. I have been biking more and went rollerblading yesterday and I am tired as hell today.

P H said...

it was a criminal act, what they did.

the upside was that the building across the street had REALLY nice bathrooms.

missy&chrissy said...

criminal indeed! of course the bathrooms in the other building are nice...all the nice stuff goes in the main building and we get left with the vermin.

we're proud of you chuckles! i wonder how many other bloggers we can get involved in the "freelance genius/loveandcyanide weightloss challenge '07"?

Chuckles said...

Maybe one. This weekend was not good for it, though. Thursday night I had three Vanilla Stolie and Cokes (I'm still straight dammit!) and a Five Guys cheeseburger along with some leftover carbonara. Saturday, I had pasta, wine and beer for dinner and Sunday I had two sausage egg and cheese croissants from a farmer's market, two cookies and some boursin cheese, tomato, basil and olive oil sandwiches for lunch. Not exactly slim foods. Tonight, I will try to bike all 20 miles.