Tuesday, January 30, 2007

nothing says 'birthday party' like a bag of salty pea pods.

well, we made it...it was a chilly afternoon a year ago today when loveandcyanide was born out of the extreme boredom of two sisters who's cable box was being reset. or shall we say "reset", as our paranoid parents still believe our landlord was installing a surveillance camera in it. don't they realize that no one - besides maybe jim henson - would be interested in seeing what goes on inside this living room?

but thankfully we didn't have the television to turn to for entertainment that fateful day, and decided to entertain ourselves via the interne
t. hopefully we've managed to entertain some of you as well. and perhaps we've even taught you a thing or two - we've come a long way ourselves in the past 12 months. we managed to stop using variations of song titles for every post AND even increased our font from "small" to "normal size".

baby steps!

so eschewing the birthday party norm of cake and ice cream, loveandcyanide opted to celebrate with an even more exciting bday snack food this evening --

Snapea Crisps - or "snappy crisps", as we like to call them - are sun-dried, baked, and salted pea pods. we are aware they sound like a repulsive snack a mad vegan scientist would invent to feed to/punish her badly-behaving children, but never ones to judge a book by its cover (and feeling rather adventurous/desperate in the fruit & vegetable aisle of shoprite) we serendipitously picked up a bag and found they are ridiculously delicious and addicting.

like, in-the-kitchen-fighting-each-other-over-the-last-salty-peapod-addicting. and the kicker - they are healthy. healthy snacks on our birthday! we are older and wiser.


Tim said...

Happy birthday!

Though... those snappy crisps do sound kinda gross. I'm not convinced any kind of pea would make a suitable snack, but I'll take your word for it!!

soulspeak23 said...

You guys have really cracked me up. Sometimes to the point of liquid coming out of my nose. So thanks. And happy birthday.

Charles said...


Later than it should have been.

missy&chrissy said...

thanks sparky tim! we promise you'll enjoy those snappy crisps.

thanks ryan! we had no idea you read this, but are honored you enjoy...we will become regular readers of yours as well. it'll sorta be like when we used to pass notes in 6th grade..

thanks charles! we're late for everything, so its fitting.