Tuesday, January 09, 2007

cat and mouse.

have we all heard about the Tigger debacle? the story has of course had loveandcyanide tickled pink the past few days, since along with our immense appreciation for the idea of plush characters rising up and rebelling against the stupid kids who bother them for photographs (Bear especially liked this tale, and has been beating up on missy and i more than usual the past two days), our most beloved pet cat is named Tigger, and since most people who meet her find her evil and abusive, its only fitting that her namesake would act in a similarly dastardly manner.

my favorite article on the incident:



in breaking news, and what could possibly turn into the biggest story of my week, there has been a constant wheezing squeak noise in my office since i turned on my radiator this morning. in a parallel work environment i would blame it on the pipes. however after previous experiences here, i'm most concerned that there is a baby mouse in the heater, pleading for me to rescue it from the flames of hell.

stay tuned.

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Chuckles said...

I won't forget you three.