Wednesday, November 08, 2006

business etiquette for the 'true life: i'm a staten island girl' set.

so i'm in this meeting the other day, and when greeting one of the clients and shaking her hand, her fake nail tip comes off in the palm of my hand.

as i pull my hand away and out of the shake, said nail tip falls onto the conference table - with a deafening roar, i may add - and we both stare at it, as the pale polished bit of acrylic glowed accusatorially at me against the dark wood of the table. i mumbled a "sorry" and she snatched the tip up and put it in her bag.

while at first mortified, i then realized i had no business being embarrassed - at least my hands are keeping it real.

i'll just save the embarrassment for when my company loses her business due to this little mishap.

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