Sunday, September 24, 2006

weekend realizations.

saturdays are apparently a very popular day at the local stop & shop. there was a wait for a shopping cart. seriously. have you ever been to a supermarket where a plastic/metal cart wasn't waiting in a neat row at your disposal? well today it was a few minute wait just to be able to wheel your groceries around. the impatient ladies we are, we grabbed a couple of baskets, and upon reaching the "international aisle", where we were snagging cans of black beans, we realized we were a tad too hasty in making our decision. i imagine my biceps will be protesting in the morning.

arrested development remains the best show (not! argh!) on television. having not watched our series dvd's in awhile, we forgot how much we loved/resembled the bluth family. after a short marathon this evening, we realized just how much we've been missing their unique/vaguely familiar dysfunctionality.

our family cat, tigger, is by far the favorite child. our father's parting line via instant messenger this afternoon: "i'll talk to you later. cat needs lunch."

anthony rapp (of rent and dazed & confused fame) is one of those creepy/annoying actors that you can never seem to escape.

we might have a (teensy) online shopping problem. we managed to spend missy's entire first paycheck this afternoon without ever leaving our beds. however, we'd like to point out that although we managed to purchase three pair of shoes within a 15 minute window, we also spent on a good chunk of the check on a birthday present for someone other than ourselves. such selflessness.

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