Wednesday, June 21, 2006

we're SO nice.

i was quite happy to read this report today. i've always thought NYC was a pretty polite town, and its always bothered me when people say things to the effect of "new yorkers are assholes" and "oh, new york scares me." especially when they've never even been here, and are just envisioning a movie scene where an irate cabbie is angrily gesturing and screaming at someone who stepped in front of his vehicle, since what that person doesn't realize is that the pedestrian didn't have the right-of-way and wasn't supposed to be walking in front of the cab anyways and the cab driver isn't really a mean person, he's just frustrated because at times it takes a good 20 minutes to simply get across a few blocks because people like the said pedestrian just take it upon themselves to mosey into the street when they aren't supposed to. lawbreakers.

so yea, we're not assholes. we just walk fast and don't like to look each other in the eye. that's not being impolite -it's just being efficient.


Chuckles said...

DC on the other hand is quite mean. I hesitated to get my bearings at a street corner and a little old lady slapped me.

missy&chrissy said...

i heard the elderly in DC were pretty vicious.

my favorite thing about DC street corners are the countdowns on the walk signs. i love that. they turn the simple act of crossing the street into a new year's eve party.

Chuckles said...

People always look at me like I am crazy when I start shouting the countdown. I don't mind that so much as I mind getting arrested for kissing the nearest girl at the end of the count.

That was embarassing.