Wednesday, May 17, 2006

nice job, pretentious sony marketing team.

i was going to let this one slide, as it annoyed me yesterday but then i was over it today (there's only so long you can stay cranky over the wording of an advertisement). but as all i've been seeing today are articles about the movie who's ads bother me so very much that i need to complain to the whole internet about it, i decided to speak up.

so. the davinci code comes out this weekend. as much as i like tom hanks and audrey tautou as actors, i won't be racing to the theaters for this one. why not? well, the book wasn't that great (i know, i just pissed off the 85 bazillion people who claim it's their fave book ever. my apologies.), and i hate when things are overhyped, and if i were to race to the theater near me, it wouldn't even be there. wait, what? that's right, it wouldn't be in a theater near me. and no, its not because i live in bumblefuck, AL - it's because it's going to be in cinemas.

opening in cinemas on May 19th, read the d's code subway ads. oh please. they couldn't say in theaters like everyone else?!

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Chuckles said...

That book was terrible. I threw it at my brother after he recommended. He even went so far as to swear that it got better after the first chapter. Liar.

I am boycotting that movie because the book was crap, not for any insecure religious reasons.