Thursday, May 18, 2006

and i'll be laughing with myself.

i have problems with hiding my laughter when i find something amusing. which i suppose is normal, but unfortunately a lot of things that amuse me just randomly pop up in my mind, thereby leaving me chuckling at (seemingly) nothing to the people around me, making me either look like a super happy sort of girl, or an utter psychopath. one time i was at a hockey game with the guy i was dating, and this man got up from his seat in the row in front of us, and i saw he left behind a mess of peanut shells scattered all over the floor. of course i immediately envisioned this as the chaos left from some giant squirrel posse and got the giggles. as i wouldn't tell my suitor what was so funny, he gently informed me that people might think i was crazy, sitting there just laughing hysterically to myself. and i agreed with him. what can i do? i can totally stifle a sneeze, but i just can't keep the laughs in.

i've found this flaw of mine is most problematic when i'm reading a funny book in public. granted people can see i must be reading something humorous, but there is still no need to carry on to the extent that i seem to. a few years back i had Bridget Jones' Diary with me while taking the bus in to work. whilst being completely wrapped up in hysterics and totally carrying on in my little seat, i was unaware that i was accidentally hitting into the "push for stop" strip on the bus wall next to me (fitting that i was in the handicap seat for that ride). in the midst of all my merriment, i finally became aware of all the chiming coming from the front of the bus, and i stopped and wondered what sort of asshole was dinging for a stop in the middle of a tunnel. of course a few moments later i realized i was the asshole, and i put the book away, so as to keep my mirth from allowing me to cause anymore nonsense.

never one to learn her lesson, i found myself on the train today with the most fantastically hilarious book that i've read in awhile: Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan. as i'm a few years older (and presumably wiser) than the bridget jones bus incident, i tried to do everything i could to contain the laughter. but sadly this just resulted in odd snorts and hiccup-like movements which were most definitely scaring the guy next to me. he put a seat in between us the moment he had a chance to. i guess i really don't blame him, as i'm sure it appeared that i was either having a seizure, or diabolically chuckling about my plan for world domination.

so i know we tell you to do a lot of things (we're sorry. we just like having the idea of someone/thing to boss around, since we're both almost 100% resistant to each other's demands), and i'm certain after the above stories you may never take advice from me again, but pick up a copy of Apathy. it's a great time, even if it doesn't motivate you to cause a spectacle during rush hour.


Chuckles said...

I have scared a few people by laughing at something in my head while walking down the street. But then I am a six foot plus 230 pound guy with a mohawk and evil eyebrows. I suppose I scare people without the random laughter.

missy&chrissy said...

thank you chuckles,for your comment about're our new fave blogger-of-the-month for that one.

Chuckles said...