Monday, March 06, 2006

people all over the world. join hands.

why is times new roman always the default font for everything? does anyone else hate it as much as i do?! (apparently not, since almost everyone i correspond with on a regular basis uses it) it actually infuriates me to look at it...with so many fonts to choose from, why settle for the standard?

so i typically don't pay attention to the folks making music in the subway (yes, i am aware that some of them are talented. and that all of them are more musically inclined than i ever was with my stupid flute. but i'm usually too wrapped up in my own stuff), but i was practically standing in the midst of a performance today, so i couldnt help but tune in. and i'm so glad i did. a group of middle-aged men, with a keyboard, were performing "love train". which was entertaining on its own (as they rather sounded like the o'jays), but the platform positively glowed with joy as the 6 pulled into the station as the song during the final chorus. i don't think i've ever felt so perfectly content during a commute as i did at that moment.

its the little things, folks.

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