Monday, March 27, 2006

i'll get over you. i know i will. cause i'm the queen of wishful drinking.

thanks chrissy, for that alcoholic shout out. sadly i cannot deny it, as i was introduced to the miraculous concoction that is boone's farm + gin this weekend. as all good discoveries do, this spun off some other new inventions, the most popular one being the mass text message. i'm sure we're all familiar with that overrated/inevitable drunk-dialing which has now merged into drunk texting (less dangerous as no one can hear you slurring plus the added bonus that you are forced to be concise, however the spelling is somewhat of an obstacle). i, of course, have managed to move the drunk-text phenomenon to the next level by discovering the beauty of the mass text. just one little message can be multiplied into hundreds by simply clicking more than one name in your phonebook to send it to! i never found this function necessary until my late night discovery that this is the perfect way to sexually harass/insult multiple people at once, insuring, at the very least, one response. and so, in conclusion, if you were one of the lucky to receive the 3am "disappointment of my life" text, take it with a grain of salt, a cup of boone's and a liter of crystal palace.. .

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