Wednesday, February 01, 2006

you're too fabulous to be true!

i was called "pussycat" today -- it completely made my day. one might think that the term is demeaning, or passe, or silly even. but no - hearing it is actually a swingingly shagtastic experience. (Bear gave me that term...god knows what it really means)

speaking of fabulous, i had dinner last night at English is Italian. while the name drives me crazy (yes, haha, how ironic mr. chef, your last name is ENGLISH but you are ITALIAN!), the place was terrific. (apparently, i used the term "tasty" about 30 terms while describing dinner to missy when i got home. i didn't even know i liked the word "tasty"). the food was excellent and the the ambience was awesome...especially for it's locale, in an otherwise unexciting section of midtown (40th & 3rd). it's a great date spot, so boys take heed. i'd link to their site, but my computer is're all smart though, so i'm sure you can look it up on your own. (do we even have any readers?)

i had a few more topics i intended to address, but i'm an old lady and its nearly 11 and i've spilled wine all over my wifebeater, so its my bedtime. but i will leave you with my newest fave quote from a yet-to-be-released film:

"why do you love me?"
"because everyone else is so boring."
from The Science of Sleep

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