Thursday, February 02, 2006

Nyquil, Straight Up.

The wonderful thing about living with your sister is that there is never a short of entertainment. Despite the fact that our landlord is still holding our cable box hostage and i spent an entire sick day locked in this apartment we still have found a plethora of things to do. Our standard is, of course, opening a few bottles of wine and watching some Arrested Development (which if you don't watch, you should and then perhaps the smartest show on television will be saved. start here ---> This usually results in us hurling AD-influenced insults at each other from our respective couches. It's all fun and games until Chrissy plays the Gangy card. Honestly, aside from the total lack of warmth, pearl-wearing and teetering around with dirty martinis in hand (straight up) i do not see the similarity. That said, this evening we were able to even surpass our normal forms of entertainment. Perhaps my favorite new game is Whats-the-landlord-doing-at-our-door? Does he have our cable box? No. Did February 1st come already? OOPS! Sorry guy, we're holding out on that rent payment till we see some satellite. Or maybe we were just so consumed with revoking the existence of January2006 that neither of us noticed February sneak up on us. Sissy also started up a rousing game of Find-the-valium. Compelling, yes, but to no avail. Some other prescription medications have turned up but now it's my turn to play Hide-the-meds-from-the-panic-attack-ridden-sister-who-has-oral-surgery-tomorrow, a fun game, but exhausting nonetheless. To cope i've had to self-medicate and it seems to be working as there now appears to be two of Bear.

with merlot & nyquil for all <3>

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