Saturday, November 28, 2009

greetings, cards, and greeting cards.

a quickie roundup of the past 10 days, since i've been being a slacker again (but an otherwise very busy slacker!): 

- to all who our dear readers who celebrated this week, happy thanksgiving! we hope you are all happily sated from fun family times and copious amounts of food. 

- do you know how good it feels to have a library card again? i spent an awesome hour back in the old place the other day, and i can't wait to tear through the stack of books i took out and go back to get some more. i guess since i worked around books every day i didn't realize how much i missed the actual library. something about seeing tattered old books again - all my shiny new hardcovers from the past few years in publishing had gotten me spoiled, i think. 

the moment when i realized just how long it had been from the last time i was in a library was when my cell phone started buzzing and a librarian shot me a dirty look. it hadn't even occurred to me to silence the thing since the last time i was in one i didn't tote a cell around with me. eons must have passed! 

- i've mentioned side projects that missy and i have been up to a few times before -- this is our most recent, and biggest, to date, and one that we will hopefully continue for many years to come. i won't shamelessly self-promote too much over here (that's what facebook and twitter are for! in-between learning about what that random acquaintance from middle school ate for breakfast, of course), but we'd love and greatly appreciate if you had a moment and clicked over there and checked out the new shop. 


Tim said...

I'm *loving* your ralph's grocery stuff - I'm getting my Christmas cards from you next year (sorry, already bought this year's!).

Anonymous said...
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missyandchrissy said...

awh, yay - thanks so much tim! and by next christmas we'll have gotten even better at all this stuff so you'll be able to get way more awesome cards.