Thursday, July 02, 2009


as i am certain i've mentioned around here before, i tend to find myself on year(s) long hunts for particular items - nude lipsticks, alarm clocks. in the past two weeks i've managed to successfully put an end to not one but TWO seemingly endless searches of mine - i found the perfect gray bag, something i have been on the lookout for for about three years, and my dream ring tone - the 'breakfast theme' from pee-wee's big adventure. (it makes for an awesome, if not slightly jarring, alarm ring as well. but feeling like pee-wee every morning compensates for that)

it may have rained just about every day last month, but this will go on record as a phenomenal june for those two reasons alone.


but, erm, june has passed. goodness, time flies! and so it's july, early july, which means we're heading away for our annual week down the shore for some much needed R&R. i haven't been on more than an overnight trip since october - despicable! - and am therefore beyond thrilled to escape life town for a bit. a week of nothing more than the sun, bbq, and giant crab legs should do me some good.


Tim said...

The words 'giant crab legs' are inexplicably freaking me out.

Chuckles said...

I am at the beach right now, but I've not had any crab legs. Just leftovers. Still, sun, sand, and surf make this a pretty kickass week.

missyandchrissy said...

tim - were you picturing a mutant crab chasing you around the beach? not to worry, that didn't happen!

chuckles - that is a kickass week. we hope you're still enjoying vacation!