Wednesday, April 29, 2009

day 116.

got to spend yesterday seeing two films at the tribeca film festival, thanks to a dear friend who had some fancy all-access badges from work. it wound up being a big day as besides being my first time attending any part of the festival and my first time seeing two films in one day, it was also my first time going to a movie theater alone.

i know, you say, big deal. but for whatever reason i had built solo movie-going up to some sort of epic, virginity-losing, milestone status in my head. it was, as i'm sure most of you already experienced, nothing of the sort.

but a good time nonetheless, as i saw the delightful rudo y cursi, which i totally recommend if it makes it to a theater near you.


Tim said...

Ah, I do quite like seeing movies on my own; I mean, once the lights go down it's not like you're going to get into at long conversation with anyone.

And if you're at all worried about what other people think, just put your coat or bag on the seat next to you to make it look like you're with someone!

missyandchrissy said...

oh i wasn't worried about what anyone else would think...the only reason i would leave my coat/bag on the seat next to me from now on is to create a wider barrier from my next seat neighbor, to help keep from them jabbing me with a chopstick as they eaty sushi, which is what happened yesterday! the lady next to me was eating sushi. at the movies. popcorn isn't good enough anymore?!

Anne Bennett said...

Sweet! I'm jealous!