Monday, March 16, 2009

day 85.

in my ongoing quest to develop some sort of immunity to scary things - horror movies, haunted houses, my parents' basement - i forced myself to watch something from the scary movie genre last night (this morning). by immunity i mean the ability to go into the haunted mansion at disney world without my heart rate rising - i figure if i pepper in a frightening flick here and there, at some point in my 30's i can probably manage to partake in outings to the latest thriller release/sit in an empty house without fretting about what may emerge from the closet/attic/any other dark room. i love doing behavioral therapy on myself.

last night's flick was The Funhouse, an early 80's romp through a creepy small-town carnival.

considering i watched it in the dark AND was able to fall asleep about 10 minutes after it was over, i imagine on the 'scary scale' this movie falls in the realm of kittens and unicorns.

baby steps.

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