Tuesday, June 10, 2008

its a small, sweaty, solitary, scary world.

it sounds like i'm talking about prison. but its just my weekend.


so saturday night i met up with one of my guy friends, who on the way to the bar had happened to spot a lost cell phone in the cab he was in - the owner called it, and they decided she would come to the bar to retrieve it. girl shows up, he chats with her for awhile, us girls let him be figuring he's trying to get digits (which he does, but then decides she 'seems crazy' and 'has a bad laugh'...and people call me picky), and then he brings her over to introduce her to us. when i tell her where i work, she says "oh, so you know *insert name of loathsome manager here*!!!" and then proceeds to spend the next 20 minutes chatting with me about our mutual 'friend'. its baffling how tiny new york can be sometimes.


so i'm not going to complain TOO much about the weather we've been having, since i know we're all suffering. i'll just mention that typically when its above 95 degrees loveandcyanide camps out by the family pool and doesn't deal with the steamy, stinky mess that is the rest of nyc. this past weekend, however, that proved impossible as two different factions of friends decided to do daytime outings and while i adore them all, and had a great time both days, i most definitely could have done with rescheduling our summer fun to a time when our urban adventuring could have been a tad less sweat-filled.

so, a short list of things i wouldn't suggest doing in 100-degree weather:

  • waiting ages on a (wrong) line thereby missing the boat you were waiting for (the last boat of the evening) and not getting to the (fake) beach you were heading to, all because teenage water taxi employees are complete morons who can't point/speak properly
  • going to a flea market
  • walking clear across town to a bar because a friend is going through a "forrest gump phase"
  • drinking heavily, eating light, sleeping little
  • operating a vehicle after drinking heavily, eating light, sleeping little
  • taking the subway to an important business meeting*


for the first time in about 2 years, mine and missy's vacation schedules don't match up, so for about a week i'm here and she's off sunning herself in the tropics. i realized today as i went shopping after work and finally meandered home hours later how weird it was to not have anyone wondering where i was and what i was up to. and how i had nothing urgent to get home to. so this is what living alone is like. i guess it is kind of liberating, although on the other hand it totally sucks because when Bear demands a fancy dinner, i'm the one stuck handling it all myself.


and finally, after months of having it on my netflix queue, i at last got to watch the documentary maxed out. its traumatizing. i am SO happy i just bought about 8 pairs of summer sandals as i am totally never purchasing anything ever again.

*this happened today, not over the weekend, but its probably the one that most belongs on this list. its probably also the dumbest thing i've been forced to do all month. isn't the first rule of good business not to show up looking like you just finished a marathon? right. someone inform management of that one.


soulspeak23 said...

had maxed out on my radar for awhile now. You may just be my inspiration for watching it now!
But tell me this: will it make me want to slit my wrists or just hustle to pay off my debt??

Tim said...

It's totally sweaty in London too. Why does hot always equal humid these days?

I blame Al Gore!

Or was it Al Green?

missy&chrissy. said...

ss23 - if your house is in foreclosure and you have collection agencies after you, i'd think twice about watching. otherwise, i think you're safe that you'll just want to run off and pay some bills.

tim - ugh, sorry you're getting the heatwave too! we can blame both al's - i believe al green makes some people sweaty too.

inthemiddle said...

2 weeks ago i went to nordstrom rack and left with six pairs of shoes. i'm never watching maxed out.