Monday, March 03, 2008

chrissy and the chamber of secrets.

on each floor of our apartment building there are 2 apartments and a hall closet. when we moved in, our broker told us that the sizable hall closet was up for grabs, and whichever apt requested it first would get it, and then have it locked up. missy and i inspected the space, and while we could have easily filled it with all our miscellaneous crap, decided it wasn't worth the extra $25 a month rental fee, when we have our parents' house a mere 40 minutes away to serve as our (free) storage facility.

months went by and our closet wasn't claimed (we know this because every time we were out in the hall waiting for the elevator we would give each other the "let's check the closet" look, and every time we tried the door it was unlocked, closet empty), and since it technically is on our side of the building (the hall is like 8 ft. long, so i suppose this isn't saying much) we mentally staked claim on the chamber, figuring we could use it whenever we saw fit.

and then one saturday i heard all this ruckus in the hallway, and later that evening we tried the closet door, and wouldn't you know - it was locked. our neighbors had claimed it.

and while i know i'm bitter about this now only because we finally realized a perfect use for it* after it was gone, i really do wonder what they need to store in there. (they don't have bikes - i know that's the obvious one) they are one couple in a good-sized two-bedroom, the same good-sized apt that two sisters and a stuffed Bear, all with shopping fetishes, manage to share. what could they possibly need an extra closet for?

anyways, they were outside my door rustling around in their closet before, and i had to use all my willpower to keep from bursting into the hallway to see what their closet cache contains.

i will find out someday.

*perfect use: as a photo booth during our parties. (ok, so, fine. we don't have authentic photo booth equipment. but stick a polaroid, a stool, and some drunk people in there and a good time was guaranteed). we have also, for years, have been so desperately wanting to host a real world party**, and the closet would have made for a marvelous confessional. damn you, apt 5A!!

**can you believe that NONE of our friends have a video camera? this has been a massive hindrance to this party theme. we need to make better electronically equipped acquaintances.


P H said...

a party with a confessional room/closet is absolutely f*cking brilliant. i can imagine the hilarity of these confessions as the night goes on. Make that happen!

Tim said...

I bet they're using it as a photo booth.

The buggers!

missy&chrissy. said...

ph - find me a video camera, and we will. scouts honor!

tim - !! that thought never occurred to me...but they probably are, and the buggers were in there having an entire photo shoot last night!