Thursday, September 06, 2007

thursday shot of vitamin C.

as everyone around me has fallen ill throughout the course of the past 24 hours - friends, siblings, coworkers, friends' coworkers...i'm really not exaggerating, is there something in the air that i'm unaware of? - i think its a good time to talk about something healthy.

like fruit.

thanks to reader PH, i was introduced to a most interesting new fruit today - the plumpricot** - which is, you guessed it, the offspring of a plum + apricot. i'm a big fan of the plum, and not so much a fan of the apricot, so i figured my feelings on this new fruit would be mixed. but no - its absolutely delicious. great texture, great coloring, and great taste. nothing could ever knock the mango out of my top fruit spot, but this tasty little hybrid could possibly make my top 5 after having only one. i will be stalking the supermarkets for these little gems until they go out of season.


its ironic that as i finish this post about fruit someone near my office is eating either fried chicken or fast food, and i'm seriously thisclose to drooling due to the deep-fried scent wafting through the air. sigh. i sit so precariously close to the edge of the healthy food wagon.

**after searching online, i've found this hybrid called a plumcot, pluot, aprium, plumpricot and plumicot. i personally think that plumpricot is the most fun to say, so even if its not the most agriculturally-correct version of the word, it'll be the one i use.


Tim said...

Are different fruit allowed to get it on? I'm off to Google this bizarre hybrid!

missy&chrissy said...

you know those fruit bowls - they look all innocent sitting on your kitchen table, but they are a in fact a den of sin!

Chuckles said...


P H said...

i love thinking about fruit orgies. especially how maybe some fruits are really great at orgies (plumpricots, all sweet and exotic) and others aren't (tomatos, with their identity crisis).

how bad would it have to get for there to be an awkward moment at an orgy?

Oh and thanks for the direct link to my blog. Now I feel the need to start making it interesting.

missy&chrissy said...

hah, chuckles - now when i go to the fruit stand i'm going to point at the plumpricots and shout that!

PH - i have to disagree...i picture the tomato holding his own in the fruit orgy. i see the honeydew sitting awkwardly in the corner, though.

P H said...

honeydew! she came with cantaloup but only one of them is having a good time. in fact, the best of times, all smothered in balsamic.