Wednesday, July 25, 2007

the great ______ caper.

the _____ in our headline is for our last name, which, to protect the innocent, we don't use here at loveandcyanide. if you do happen to know it - i believe 3 of our approx. 7 readers do - feel free to insert it in the blank when reading it throughout this post. if you don't know it, just use some other two-syllable word. we suggest muppet since "the great muppet caper" is a fantastic movie (and our favorite charles grodin film).

the great _____ caper occurred last night around 9:30pm. slightly delirious from a long day of work and packing, missy decided to clean out the pantry and discard any and all old food items (the winner of the Ms. Expired pageant, a rather close race between a bag of rice, boxed mashed potatoes and a few packages of jello, went to the packet of pistachio jello, dated 6/05). in retrospect, this was entirely too arduous of a task for this time of the evening, being in our current state of affairs.

so i had a bad feeling when missy squealed with excitement over discovering an unopened - and still edible - jar of capers in the pantry, and i therefore wasn't all too surprised when a few minutes later i heard the melodious tinkle of glass hitting the kitchen floor. ordered to put on shoes, i arrived in the kitchen to a salty stink, and saw the little green guys rolling all over our floor amongst shards of glass. shoeless missy stood in the midst of it looking forlorn, and it took a good two minutes for us to decide exactly what our plan our action would be. i believe someone suggested just leaving it on the floor for the new people.

a short while later the mess was (mostly) taken care of, the kitchen only smelled slightly briny, and as we skated back and forth on paper towels drying the floor, we had a good chuckle over our tuesday evening 'caper'.

which was slightly messier but certainly less serious than our monday evening caper, which involved the unplugging of our nintendo and the subsequent destruction of our satellite tv service. we have no idea what missy did with the wires, but it is now impossible to hook everything back up. and so we're tv-less.

lesson learned this week: do not turn back on sister during packing.


Tim said...

Missy sounds quite violent, what with the smashing and TV-destroying. If you'd not worn shoes and helped clean up the mess you could've left her stranded in the middle of the kitchen. Kind of like painting someone into a corner.

I'm going to pretend your surname is Wigwam, because wigwam is one of my favourite words, and it's fun to say.

missyandchrissy said...

we could totally be wigwams...good choice!

and i should've stranded her in the kitchen to teach her a lesson. next time.....*evil laughter*

soulspeak23 said...

I still find it insane that you get along as well as you do with the rugrat now, considering the past torture that we subjected her to.
I guess it all does work out in the end!

missyandchrissy said...

hah - it's true that rugrat and i get along famously now, but thinking about it, maybe all her destructive shenanigans are actually payback for the torture we put her through!