Wednesday, March 07, 2007

most hated workplace phrase.

"any nibbles?"

if i worked in a restaurant, or a mice breeding facility, i doubt i would have such issues with this term. but the fact that i work in a totally-unrelated-to-nibbling industry leads me to feel seriously creeped out whenever a client, or boss, or coworker inquires if there have been "any nibbles". yes, i know, they mean leads or interest....but then say those words! nibble is not a word that lends itself to the workplace.

ugh. it makes my skin crawl.


P H said...

i hate that phrase too -- what are we, rabbits gnawing on celery?

Chuckles said...

You could say in response, " Well, yeah, there have been nibbles, but I didn't want to scare the fish away by jerking on the pole too early, so I let them be until I have a solid bite."

And then go back to playing solitaire.

Anonymous said...

Alternatively I'd keep chex mix or goldfish or some other suitably "nibble-esque" snack handy and pelt the offender with it.

They'll eventually get the hint.

j. roget

missy&chrissy said...

excellent suggestions, thank you boys...i am stocking up on tossable snacks to keep in my desk drawer.