Friday, July 21, 2006

feelin' just ducky.

i always thought the whole eat-a-healthy-breakfast-and-you'll-get-through-your-day-better thing was a bunch of hooey. if i had the choice between bacon or granola, the bacon would make me 4000% happier, giving me a jolt of joy to get me through the day.

for the past month or so, on workdays, i've been having a cup of oatmeal every morning. its an attempt to be healthy, and although i know i'll tire of it soon enough (see:
ecto cooler effect), i've been quite satisfied with my little cup o' meal. i tote the packet to work with me, throw it in a paper cup, throw some hot water in, and presto - i'm set.

so as you know, we've been displaced this week and are hanging at our parents house - where there is unfortunately no oatmeal. and although we managed to rescue 10 tons of laundry and our spiky-leafed plant Dracul (you don't name your plants after scary monsters???), sadly, i forgot my box of maple & brown sugary goodness.

so while my parents are wonderful and relatively fit people, their portable breakfast options are most definitely not foods that richard simmons would approve of. if he were to visit and go through their cabinets i guarantee he would shriek in disgust, and put his hands on the hips of his little red shorts and give them a stern talking to. so i've had no choice but to eat coffee cakes the past few mornings. which is exciting, but boy have i noticed a difference. by mid-morning i am dragging, and i crave sweets throughout the day. on a positive note, i'm thinking that my coworkers are finding me more fun than usual. you should see the looks of childlike glee that appear on people's faces when they see me eating the cakes. "is that a coffee cake?!" "why yes, yes it is." i mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with the girl who eats coffee cakes every morning? its the closest one can get to being friends with the Drake's mascot - that smiley duck in the little chef's hat and neckerchief. and he's freakin awesome.


Chuckles said...

I too have been eating oatmeal for the last few weeks. My brother has been making it while I shower and he puts bananas and peaches and honey in it.

I still hate bananas.

Trebuchet said...

I heart little oatmeal packets. Though I must confess: I dig the peaches and cream flavored ones -- and before I can even get the hot water in I usually eat out all the little freeze-dried peach bits.


Great Richard Simmons imagery. Though you may have forgot the words "sweaty" and "gyrate", I'll forgive you.

missy&chrissy said...

you know, i never put fruit in my oatmeal...but i think you two inspired me.

produce dept, here i come! (well, once our fridge is back at its full power)

Chuckles said...

M&C: Scotty! We need full power to the fridge!



Scotty: Sorry, captains, but ConEd doesn't work on weekdays when the temperature is over 75 degrees. See you in a month or two.