Wednesday, June 28, 2006

check out my nifty headgear!

there's a good number of things i've come across out there that i feel are not just unnecessary, but Ridiculously Unnecessary. wearing socks with sandals (if you want your feet completely covered JUST WEAR SHOES). the Dixie Chicks version of "Landslide". the 400 varieties of celeb tabloid magazines that all contain the same articles/photos. cell phone charms. fake press-on toenails (they do really exist outside of Pee-Wee's Christmas Special.). Star Jones. etcetc.

so i randomly came across something else to add to the list. and this one is moving straight to the top...Swapsets.

oh, so you've never heard of them either? let me enlighten. a Swapset is for those who want "wearable technology". those tired of catching a glimpse of themselves in the mirror with an ugly pair of headphones on. (or as the website states, those who do not want "to be forced to choose between looking like a secret service agent and a fast food worker".) those who would instead prefer to see, oh let's say a herringbone headband, color-coordinated head piece/earphones attached into said headband, and a sparkly dangly charm hanging off the entire contraption. this kids, is a swapset:

why would you want all that atop your head? i get the whole 'hands free' appeal, but i think this is a strange and cluttered way to go about it. as an avid headband-wearer, i believe it would be rather uncomfortable to have my headband attached to my headphones. and what's with the patterns? this set costs over $60...can i only use it when i'm sporting my powder blue & brown jumper? and we know my feelings on dangly accoutrements, so i won't get started on the serves-no-purpose-at-all charm that comes with it. and is this really supposed to be stylish? if this is my only alternative to looking like a secret service agent/Burger King employee, get me some dark glasses and a hairnet, pronto.

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Chuckles said...

If I had a phone or computer or something imbedded in my glasses, that would be different as long as they weren't any bigger. This stuff is just a little stupid for me.

Just disconnect for a few minutes, people!